Listening and Speaking

For children and adults

Storynory: Free Audio Stories for Kids (free audio stories that can be downloaded to mp3 players)

Listen a Minute (one minute listening exercises on a variety of topics)

Famous People Lessons (listening exercises based around biographies of famous people)

News English Lessons (listening lessons based on news events)

5 Minute Life Videopedia (really short--less than 5 minutes--videos about a variety of popular topics)

English Central (great collection of videos with speech recognition. Students can speak along with the videos and get scored on how well they did)

Pumkin English Online (their free videos are just right for children learning how to talk about numbers, letters, and colors)

ZuiTube (videos for kids--safe site to view YouTube videos)

Kideos (another safe video site for kids, with videos categorized by age group)

Light up your brain (audio stories for kids--games, too!)

Jigsaw Listening (great blog post from Sean Banville explaining how to create your own listening activities using Audacity)