Phonics games with picture and word cards

Initial sound dominoes
Sight word cards (for sight words in the Phonics 1 sentences)

Unit 1: b and p

B word/picture cards

P word/picture cards
word search

Unit 2: d and t

D word/picture cards

T word/picture cards

word search

spelling word scramble

word shapes

Unit 3: f and v

word search

word shapes

Unit 4: m and n

word shapes

word search

Unit 5: Review Units 1-4
4 In a Row

Unit 6: Short a

Unit 7: Short e

Unit 8: Short i

Unit 9: Short u

Unit 11: Review Units 6-10

Unit 12: h and j
H and J word search
H and J word shapes

Unit 13: hard and soft g

Unit 14: hard and soft c

Unit 15: s and z

Unit 16: r and l

Unit 17: w and y

Unit 18: k and x

Unit 19: qu

Unit 20: Review Units 12-18