General Review
Phonics games using word and picture cards (handout)
Word search for Phonics 1 review (longer words only)
Initial Sound Dominoes

Unit 1: Blends with l (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl)

word cards
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spelling word scramble

Unit 2: Blends with r (cr, br, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr)

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crossword puzzle

word cards

Unit 3: Blends with s (sc, sm, sn, sk, sp, st, sw)

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Unit 4: Review Units 1-3

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Unit 5: Magic e with a and e
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Unit 6: Magic e with i

word search

Unit 7: Magic e with o

Unit 8: Magic e with u

Unit 9: Vowels and Magic e

Unit 10: Review Units 5-9

Unit 11: sh and ch

Unit 12: th

Unit 14: wh and ph

Unit 15: The Long a Sound

Unit 16: The Long e Sound

Unit 17: The Long i Sound

Unit 18: The Long o Sound

Unit 19: The Long u Sound

Unit 20: Review Units 15-19