Real English (Short YouTube video lessons)

English Central (Practice speaking with any of the videos and get instant feedback)

Listen a Minute (one minute listening exercises on a variety of topics)

Breaking News English (listening exercises based around current news stories)

Famous People Lessons (listening exercises based around biographies of famous people)

Digital Dialects (online games for learning language)

ESOL Courses (Free online English lessons and activities for a range of levels)

Smart FM (a free online self-study course--you register and track your progress)

Pumkin Online English (This is a subsciption site, but offers some free videos with simple lessons teaching numbers, letters and colors)

Teaching Videos (free videos for many, many subjects)

Memrise (program to help you learn vocabulary in many languages, with translation into your own)

Kindersay (Fabulous website to help children learn vocabulary) (lots of flash vocabulary games to play online, from kindergarten and up)

Qwiki (type in any topic and get an instant, multimedia explanation about it. The audio has subtitles to make listening easier)

Sulantra (listening based language lessons--great for learning control language to help you understand natural, spoken English)

Spotlight Radio (current topics, radio style, but slower English and it has a transcript so you can read along)

ABCya (educational computer games and apps)