The upper levels of Let's Go use grammar chants to help students remember longer, more complex language. This chant is from unit 8 of Let's Go 6, so this is about as complex as language gets in Let's Go. We introduce chants the same way we introduce songs (clapping or marching to set a rhythm, practicing line by line, building backwards as necessary).

As is the case with all chants and songs in Let's Go, this chant was written by Carolyn Graham.

To make this activity more challenging
--Have students work in pairs or groups to create new verses for the chant

To make this activity easier
--Have students repeat the chorus only (I would XX if I could XX I would if I could but I can't)
--Give students cards for each of the vocabulary items mentioned in the chant. As students hear their word, they hold up their cards.

Click this link to listen to the grammar chant.

Click this link to download full-size pdf versions of cards to use with the chant activity.