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Barb's Starter Twitter list for JALT 2009 workshop participants(a short list to get you started)

Resources featured:
ello(English Listening Online)
Spanish Reader's Blog--B.P.L.E.
Marisa Constantinides - TEFL Matters (TEFL Trivial Pursuit)
Wise Gorilla(free clip art)
Özge Karaoğlu's Blog (Digital Storytelling Tools)
Xtranormal: Text to Movie

More Blogs:
Kalinago English: Teaching Speaking, Using Technology
Japan Action Research in EFL
Burcu Akyol's Blog
Teacher Reboot Camp: Challenging Ourselves to Engage our Students
TEFLTastic with Alex Case

Online Communities:
EFL Classroom 2.0
The Educator's PLN
JALT Twitter Page

Where else to find Barbara online:
Teaching Village(my professional development blog)
My Corner of the World (my student blog)

Bonus! (things not talked about in the workshop, but worth checking out)
PLN Yourself(Excellent wiki by Sue Waters showing how to build a PLN):
English Teachers Guide to Twitter (blog post on Kalinago English)
YouTube video on Twitter Security (by Neal Chambers)
Images4Education (a Flickr group that grew out of TESOL Electronic Village Online 2009)
Images to Teach Language (another Flickr group that shares photos for language teaching)
Blogs in Plain English(YouTube)
Twitter in Plain English (YouTube)
Social Media in Plain English(YouTube)
Social Bookmarking in Plain English (YouTube)
Wikis in Plain English (YouTube)
WeConnect (Excellent, step-by-step instructions for teachers new to Twitter, by Shelly Terrell)