Let's Go

Unless specifically mentioned, The images and audio tracks from Let's Go are protected by international copyright by Oxford University Press. They are offered here in the same spirit that sample pages are offered on the publisher's website. If you want to use the images or songs you need to contact the publisher for permission. Here's the way it's stated on the OUP website:
1.) Certain images and information within this portion of the website may be copied and freely distributed. Images and information that may be freely copied and distributed are in all instances clearly marked with the following (or a similar) sentence:

(C) Oxford University Press. Permission granted to reproduce for instructional use.

Examples of information that fall into the above category would be photocopiable tests, worksheets, games and activities.
2.) Where images, logos or characters from the Let's Go series are provided, please note the following:

a.) Let's Go characters, images and logos may only be used in a limited fashion to support classroom use of the Let's Go series. (i.e. handouts, prints and test for students etc.)

b.) Let's Go characters, images and logos may only be used in conjunction with, or to promote the Let's Go series, and may not appear in conjunction with any other series or materials or in any other circumstances. (i.e. must not be used independently to promote a school, institution or course etc.)

Everything else

The activities, supplemental materials (like cards to accompany a chant activity) are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution, Share Alike, non-commercial, non-derivative license. This means that you are welcome to use the materials for your own classes, and are welcome to copy and share them with colleagues. You can link to them in a blog or on a non-commercial website, but please include a link back to this wiki. What you cannot do, however, is copy and present them as your own work, or sell any of the materials.

If you have questions about how you can use anything in this wiki, please contact me at teachingvillage@gmail.com