Teaching Unplugged: Dogme in English Language Teaching, by Luke Meddings and Scott Thornbury (Delta Publishing: 2009)

The archived Teaching Unpluggedwebsite

Interview with Scott Thornbury on Darren Elliott's Lives of Teachers Blog (like-minded teachers discuss Dogme and applications in their own classes)

Jason Renshaw's The Road to Teaching Unplugged Archive. In particular, his video explaining an unplugged class with beginners is a great example for teachers wondering how a dogme-style class might work.

Sean Banville's collection of Dogme resources on his Free ESL Materials site.

Dogme, a Teacher's View on the British Council Teaching English site.

Dogme 2.0, a wiki exploring ways that technology tools can support an unplugged approach.

Teacher Training Unplugged is a blog that follows the efforts of CELTA teacher trainers to simplify teacher training for beginning teachers.

Dogme in language teaching in Japan by Torkil Christensen (in The Language Teacher, 29.01, January 2005, pp. 15-18)