There are a lot of free resources provided by Oxford University Press through their Teachers' Club or Kids' Club (depending on which country you join from). You can download reproducible worksheets and activities, use the test generator, learn how Let's Go correlates to popular English exams, download Let's Go art to use in making your own handouts, send e-cards (with Let's Go characters), play online games, and more! Membership is free.

Oxford University Press Worldwide site (English)

Oxford University Press Japan (English/Japanese)

Oxford University Press Korea (English/Korean)

Ritsuko Nakata also operates a teacher training center in Tokyo. You can learn more about her MAT Method (which is included in the Let's Go Teacher's Books), and find free activity ideas at the IIEEC website.

If you know of additional Let's Go websites or resources online, please let me know so that I can include links.

Worksheets and Games

(These are downloadable pdf files for additional activities I've created to go along with various Let's Go books. As time allows, I'll add more, so please check back regularly. And if you create any activities for your own classes, please send them to me and I'll be happy to add them to this collection--and give you credit for their creation!)

Let's Go Phonics 1

Let's Go Phonics 2

Let's Go Phonics 3

Let's Begin

Let's Go 1 (3rd Edition)

Let's go 2 (3rd Edition)

Let's Go 3 (3rd Edition)

Let's Go 4 (3rd Edition)

Let's Go 5 (3rd Edition)

Let's Go 6 (3rd Edition)

Please let me know if you like, or have problems with any of the games. And, if you've created materials to use with any of the Let's Go books, I hope you'll allow me to share them here :)